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Psychoanalysis in Toronto: Historical Perspectives

By Douglas H. Frayn, M.D. F.R.C.P. ( C ), F.A.P.A.

(Ash Productions, 2000) 206 pages, 14 pictures.

Printed by Coach House Press and Distributed by Caversham Booksellers Inc.

Abstracted Foreword

This book ... by a senior Toronto psychoanalyst ... is a collection of reminiscences and historical inquiries on the development of psychoanalysis in Toronto ... while not a systematic history, it provides illuminating and at times poignant portraits of the major figures and forces in the development of psychoanalysis. Dr. Frayn has done a service to all those interested in Canadian Psychoanalysis by assembling this oral history...
        Frederick H. Lowy OC, MD, FRCPC

U of T Abstracted Biography (2000)

Dr. Doug Frayn is a Senior Consultant in Psychotherapy at CAMH (Clarke Site). As a member of the medical staff at The Clarke since 1967, he has been the Director of Education as well as Ambulatory Care. Dr. Frayn is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and received the Distinguished Achievement Award for Psychotherapy Supervision in 1995 and Distinguished Scholar Award from U of T in 1995-96.
Dr. Frayn is a graduate of Queen's University and the Institute of Living (Hartford), and is a Training and Supervising Psychoanalyst, and Past Director of the Toronto Institute, as well as former Associate Director of the Canadian Institute of Psychoanalysis.

Dr. Frayn has received Distinguished Achievement awards from both the Toronto Psychoanalytic Society and the University of Toronto. He has contributed to a number of books, is the author of Psychoanalysis in Toronto: Historical Perspectives (Ash Productions, 2000), and The Clarke and its Founders: A Retrospective Look at an Impossible Dream (Clarke/Coach House, 1996). Dr. Frayn has also been an editor of the Canadian Journal of Psychoanalysis, and guest editor of the International Psychoanalytic Association Journal, and is the Archivist at the Toronto Psychoanalytic Society. He is the author of a number of psychotherapy and psychoanalytic articles and is a past recipient of the Miguel Prados Award for psychoanalytic literature.

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