Psychoanalysis in Toronto
Front Cover with contributions by

R. Borsch, D. L. Carveth,
D. R. Freebury, H. Golombek,
S. E. Greben, S. Horodezky,
D. Iseman, A. R. Kindler,
F. Lowy, M. K. O'Neil, S. Palef,
R. Ruskin, M. Silberfeld,
E. Tennen, P. Thomson,
G. Warme, P. White
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Abstracted Foreword - Dr. Fredrick Lowy

          This book ... by Douglas Frayn, (a senior Toronto psychoanalyst), ... is a collection of reminiscences and historical inquiries on the development of psychoanalysis in Toronto. ... I have appreciated the perspective of history as context for understanding current issues and undertakings, and this volume certainly provides much context with respect to psychoanalysis in Toronto.

          Indeed, as the twentieth century comes to a close, psychoanalysis ... is strong; At the same time, within the Toronto Psychoanalytic Society and Institute the factionalism and centrifugal tendencies described in this volume have not disappeared and still constitute major challenges to be overcome. ... On the one hand, they can be regarded as positive manifestations of the enduring creativity of psychoanalysts. ... It is, surely, an indication of both vibrancy and tolerance that self psychologists, Kleinians, ego psychologists, Lacanians, adherents to classical and object relations theories can all coexist within the same psychoanalytic Society and Institute.

          This collection of experiences that Dr. Frayn has assembled, while not a systematic history, does provide illuminating and at times poignant portraits of the major figures and forces in the development of psychoanalysis in Toronto. All of the above points emerge in these portraits and reminiscences. Yet when all the tensions in the Toronto Society and Institute are placed in perspective, it is clear that these institutions are solidly based and will continue to prosper. Just as the centre of gravity of the Canadian economy and population has shifted to Toronto, so has the centre of Canadian psychoanalysis. ... All of these (Canadian) psychoanalytic groups are needed to continue the progress made in the last fifty years and to carry Canadian psychoanalysis into the next century.

          ... Dr. Frayn has done a service to all those interested in Canadian psychoanalysis by assembling this oral history and reminiscences that trace its developments in Toronto.

Frederick H. Lowy OC, MD, FRCPC
Rector and Vice-Chancellor, Concordia University Montreal

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