Psychiatrist & Psychoanalyst

Additional Biographical Information

Present Appointments:

Senior Consultant in Psychotherapy to:
  Clarke Institute of Psychiatry , July 1975 -
Associate Professor, University of Toronto, 1984 - present.
Associate Director, Canadian Psychoanalytic Institute,
Seminar Leader, Advanced Training Program in Psa Psychotherapy,
Seminar Leader, Toronto Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis, 1994 -
Training and Supervising Analyst:
  Canadian and Toronto Institutes of Psychoanalysis. 1979 - present.
Private Practice of Psychoanalysis. 315 Avenue Rd., Toronto. 1975 - present

Previous Appointments:

Director, Toronto Institute of Psychoanalysis 1987-89
Director & Psychotherapy Supervisors Seminar (Psychiatry) 1975-95
Director of Ambulatory Care, Clarke Institute, 1971-75
Educational Director, Clarke Institute, 1969-71
Lecturer, Queen's University Kingston, Kingston, Ont.1966-67
Staff Psychiatrist, Institute of Living, Hartford, Ct., 1965-66


Forty Year Distinguished Service Citation ( President Naylor - University of Toronto). June 2007.
Citation of Honour Recipient from the Canadian Psychoanalytic Society (2004)
Distinguished Achievement Award, Toronto Psychoanalytic Society (Oct. 1999)
Distinguished Scholar Award 1995-96 (University of Toronto, Dept Psychiatry)
  Oct 1995
Distinguished Achievement Award, Psychotherapy Supervision, June 1995
Special Service Award ( University of Toronto), September 1992.
Miguel Prados Award 1989-90 (Canadian Psychoanalytic Society)
    for Psychoanalytic Literature, "Archaic Transferences".
Braceland Research Fellowship Institute of Living, Ct. U.S.A. 1964-1965.

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