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Associate Professor, Psychiatry, University of Toronto, (Emeritus)

Former Director of Toronto Institute of Psychoanalysis and Book Editor of the Canadian Journal of Psychoanalysis


  Born Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
  M.D., 1961 Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario
  F.R.C.P.(C), 1966, Psychiatry; F.A.P.A., 1970, Psychiatry (USA)

Additional Biographical Information


(I) Book publications:

Musings Behind the Couch - A Therapist's Memoir D.H.Frayn M.D.,
Ash Publications 2010
ISBN 978-0-9688340-2-7 $29.95
To order: Caversham Booksellers

Understanding Your Dreams - a Guide to Self-Awareness D.H.Frayn M.D.,
Ash Publications
ISBN 0-9688340-1-9 $22.95
To order: Caversham Booksellers
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  Psychoanalysis in Toronto - Historical Perspectives. Toronto: Ash Publications/Coach House Press. 2000. (ISBN 0-9688340-0-0)    Book Launch Page
  The Clarke and Its Founders: A Retrospective Look at the Impossible Dream. Toronto: Coach House Press/Clarke Institute. 1996.

  Psychotherapy - What's that? (Booklet), J. Thornton, & D.H.Frayn M.D.,
Wm. Merrell/Dow Inc.
July 1987.

  Contribution of Infant Studies to Understanding Borderline Personality Disorders.
in: "Handbook of Borderline Disorders", Eds. D. Silver & M. Rosenbluth. Int. Univ. Press Inc. Klaus Minde M.D. & D.H. Frayn M.D., Chptr.4, 87-108, 1992.

  Premature termination issues involving psychoanalytic therapy
in: "Terminating Psychotherapy - A Clinicians Guide", Eds. Wm O'Donohue & M. Cucciare Routledge New York, N.Y. 2008. D.H. Frayn M.D., Chptr.3, 33-52, 1992.

(II) Refereed Publications: (Educational/Clinical publications in refereed journals*)

  A Relationship between Rated Ability and Personality Traits in Psychotherapists. Am. J. Psychiatry, 124:9, 1232-1237. 1968.

  Survey of Psychiatric Training Programs in Canada. Hunter, R. & Frayn, DH. Can. Psychiat. Assoc. J., 13:417 - 425, 1968.

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(abstract and summary)

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(abstract and summary)

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  Charismatic Leadership, Boundary Issues, and Collusion Dorian, B., Dunbar, C., Frayn, D.H., Garfinkel, P. Am. J. Psychother., 54: 216-225, 2000 (summary)

  Internet Discussion Review: "Sketch for a Metapsychology of Affect". Original paper by Irene Matthis (Int. J. Psychoanal. 81: 841-848, 2000) and discussion edited by Douglas H. Frayn (IJPA Internet Guest Editor) (abstract and summary)

  Discussion of Fairbairn and Chaos Theory: A New Paradigm for Psychoanalysis. Can J. Psychoanal. Vol 8, No 4: 197-206, 2000 (abstract and summary)

(III) Other Publications

*A Number of Refereed Book Reviews and Letters to Editor (on request):
American Journal of Psychiatry, Canadian Journal of Psychiatry,
American Journal of Psychotherapy. (Psychotherapy & Addiction Reviews)

(IV) Canadian Journal of Psychoanalysis - Former Book Review Editor

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